Why is this a bad thing? This system is the greatest innovation to consolizing MMOs ever. Seriously, MORE GAMES should steal this hotbar system, because it’s friggin’ amazing. I play the PC version with my PS3 controller because it’s just so intuitive and fun to play with this. » 4/20/15 5:55pm Yesterday 5:55pm

Hmm... This is the first thing to have me really worried about Nintendo's future endeavors into F2P. I will remain cautiously optimistic, as I have been... I just hope that Nintendo will learn from this game and realize that brand alone can't generate the kinds of money I'm sure they were hoping to make with these… » 4/08/15 7:38pm 4/08/15 7:38pm

9/12 of these are on PC, 10 (11, if you include Diablo) are on PS3, and only JUST NOW is there actually a PS4 exclusive. It’s a dang good one, but still, that’s really kinda sad, and saying a lot about the state of the current console generation. It’s veeeerrrry slow... » 4/08/15 1:56am 4/08/15 1:56am

Yeah, I’m not particularly surprised. Personally, I don’t see the appeal in straight up nudity in this manner. For whatever reason, when things are covered, even slightly, it’s like... it’s more enticing, you know? Like I know what’s under there, but the idea of it, when it’s covered... it’s more mysterious, exciting,… » 4/06/15 6:41pm 4/06/15 6:41pm

Jesus Christ, are you serious right now? Lucario, and Greninja for that matter, are not, never have been, and never will be clones of Mewtwo. The ONLY things that they all have in common are that they’re iconic Pokémon, and that their neutral-B is a charged energy projectile. They are nothing alike. They have never… » 4/01/15 7:11pm 4/01/15 7:11pm

Screw that! Screw you! Ninten-do what no one else does or will! Everything about almost every one of their Nintendo Directs has been a big, “HECK YEAH! Nintendo knows what’s up!” A giant, “I TOLD YOU SO,” to every cynic and critic and hater. Fandom isn’t problematic. We are not blind. » 4/01/15 6:55pm 4/01/15 6:55pm