Oh my glob! I honestly and sincerely thought this game would fall face-first into the mud as a shameless brand-name knockoff, but the way you describe it sounds SO much fun! This is sounding more and more like an absolute must-buy for me. Thanks for the review, Yannick <3 » 9/26/14 12:31am Friday 12:31am

This is a weird article, I think... Like, yeah, I get it, having locked difficulties sort of blows, but... Well, not only is it infinitely better than the old difficulty system, but it really also doesn't take a whole lot to unlock the rest. If you just play it on Expert from the very beginning, you'll get all the… » 9/23/14 4:32pm 9/23/14 4:32pm

That's fair. I won't complain. Besides, as funny as I'm sure it would be to see someone fat try to pull off all these crazy leaps and acrobatic stunts and whatever, I personally think that'd just be a little too weird and unrealistic (yeah, I know, soda zombies, "realism," XP) for me. » 9/22/14 7:53pm 9/22/14 7:53pm

NooOooooOOooOOooOoo! I just found out/remembered (because I don't calendar very well... which is, to say, at all...) that my friend has a Going Away to School out of State party he's been throwing all day from noon to midnight today. And I'm going, and it's going to be a blast, but honestly I was quite looking forward… » 9/19/14 8:23pm 9/19/14 8:23pm

P-p-pallet swapped?! Hnnngh.. but I barely killed my first regular one a couple days ago... admittedly, I'm a bit further than that now, with full Gigginox armor, and working on Lagiacrus and Duramboros... I donno if I'd be of much help. ;_; » 9/18/14 5:59pm 9/18/14 5:59pm

It's not for "perfect hits" or for well-timed whatevers... it's actually just what happens when the hit you made is like guaranteed to be strong enough to kill them at whatever % they're at, unless it's a bad angle and they DI out of it or something. » 9/15/14 3:36pm 9/15/14 3:36pm