Never been a fan of him, really... I suppose I fit into that jaded, hardcore, cynical crowd, fans of all those you mentioned (TB, Yahtzee, Angry Joe, AVGN, et al). But this was nice. I never hated the guy, as I've seen many others do — I was merely not a fan of his Let's Play style. It just wasn't entertaining to me.… » 12/19/14 5:14pm Friday 5:14pm

Actually it's sorta worked out really really well. Chosen One plot for Thrall in Cataclysm was great, and in Warlords of Draenor it really recognizes and emphasizes the awesomeness of you, for having saved the world five times over. They call you champion, hero, and best of all, Commander (Mass Effect style, in a… » 12/19/14 1:06pm Friday 1:06pm

You must understand that there is a horrible stigma against hunters. Whether it's hunters from years ago when they could ninja loot crap they didn't need because they needed intellect, or they pulled crap when no one else was ready, or whatever. There's a reason they're often called "Huntards." » 12/15/14 4:16pm Monday 4:16pm

I'd put Super Mario World above 3 and 64, but that's just me. Otherwise, your list is spot on. I wish I could put into words just how much I absolutely love Super Mario Galaxy. I can't believe it's been 7 years since one of my all-time favorite Christmases: getting a Wii and unwrapping Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess,… » 12/08/14 4:02pm 12/08/14 4:02pm

Well think of it this way: would you rather have every single interact-able thing be glowing constantly all the time, a la Origins or World of WarCraft? Would that not break immersion? Or would you like the ability to only activate such a thing when you need to? » 12/03/14 8:51pm 12/03/14 8:51pm

I haven't even played this game in like a year, and to me, aside from some of the pacing at the beginning, Starbound felt like such a better game to me than Terraria, which I've played since that came out. If it's really gotten nightly updates since then, I really can't wait to see just how much better it's gotten. » 11/28/14 3:00pm 11/28/14 3:00pm