I'm in a bit of a pickle.

19 years old. Going to school for a Bachelor's Degree in Software Development. Currently I'm part-time employed 'officially' as a QA Tester for a website, and it's okay... but I've been here since April, and it's really starting to grate on me. The environment is awesome, most of the people are awesome (except my manager, who is the most frustrating 0-tolerance hardball I've ever met), and I get paid $10/hour for 20 hours a week, check every two weeks. This is also my first job. Ever. And it's not really very easy.

Yesterday I got a message on LinkedIn of all places for a job offer. For a game company.

"Hi Brandon,

I am recruiting a Creative Director position to join 5th Planet Games in Rocklin. I am working directly with the Hiring Manager for this role and you have a great background! Below is a position description..."(etc)


"5th Planet Games is currently seeking a Creative Director to be based in our Rocklin, California office. You will be part of a fast growing, fun and creative team that strives to make engaging social games. In this role you will be responsible for the overall visual look of game development projects, and supervising the efforts of the assigned team members. You will be involved with art schedules, milestone deliverables, and setting standard procedures and expectations. "

Which sounds like a ludicrous dream come true save for the "Social Games" part. That they're offering such a high-up position as Creative Director right away is a bit sketchy, when at best I qualify for some entry-level position... but it won't hurt to ask.


I want to quit my current job. Not necessarily for this potential new one, but I really am sick of it. I don't want to be here at all at all at all. I have never ever ever wanted to have to earn the money I need for other stuff doing something I don't want to do. I'll look more into the 5th Planet position, ask questions and stuff, because any work experience, especially in-field, is good experience. At the very least maybe I can land an interview... or something...

I don't want to work for this stupid website anymore! I don't want to make mobile/social games! I need experience! I need money! I don't care about the horror stories I've heard, I'd MUCH rather work at GameStop or something where I'm at least surrounding by people and things that I DO love!


I really hate having to get up early. I really miss my free time.